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Our Process

We source our genetics from seed. Each strain is chosen from a dozen non feminized seeds by the master cultivators. This provides early generation genetics that are not watered down by genetic drift by cloning over and over again. Imagine if you make a photo copy of photo copy over and over again. Eventually the copy becomes faded and blurred. We don’t want that happening with your CANNABINOIDS. Not only does selecting female seeds provide fresh top quality genetics it also keeps our selection current and exclusive.

Our crops are cultivated in small batches allowing us to give the love and care that the flowers deserve. We are not a mass processing facility that cuts corners and loses quality.

During the final weeks of the plants life we feed the plant a proprietary mixture with Raw sugar. We refer to this period of the plants life as the frosting weeks. With a daily sugary desert the plant to breaks down any remaining nutrients in its medium and the fall colors come to our beautiful garden.

When you put an avocado on the counter that is not yet ripe. It will mature right there in your kitchen from unripe to over ripe. The same thing happens with Cannabis it continues to mature after we harvest it. The plant produces CANNABINOIDS long after harvest. The conditions the plant is dried in have an effect on this post harvest ripening. When plants are trimmed wet for example. The flowers are stripped from the stems and the plant is shocked in a way that does not allow for optimal curing. We hang dry our whole plants for at least a week after harvest. This allows the plant to draw from its stock, stems and leaves. In a climate controlled drying room set to proprietary cool temperature and slow dry relative humidity. The plant is able to reach the optimal water activity level long before the flowers are removed.

Once the plant has completed the hang dry we remove the flowers and place them in air tight containers. Through a daily process of gentle tumbling and removing the lid. We pull the core moisture into the flowers through the process of wicking. Once the perfect moisture has been achieved we are ready for our final curing process in glass. Once a flower has been over dried no type of rehydration can achieve the tasty texture of the core moisture.

Our final cure occurs in glass jars. For about 30 days the flowers remain untouched in high quality glass. This clean air tight environment allows the flower to reach a perfect texture and brings out the natural aromas and tastes. When the customer gets the product home they are the first to open and release these flowers from their curing stasis. Lean back smoke up, roll up or rip it up however you see fit.

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